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  • FOCUSED ENERGY - The purpose of Zenergy was not only to help get you going, but to also keep you going all day without the mid afternoon crash! Stop crashing and have energy all day with ZENERGY!
  • NO CRASHING/ NO JITTERS - Phase out those expensive energy drinks, Starbucks, and copious amounts of coffee that leave you feeling anxious, jittery, unfocused, and extremely exhausted by the end of the day when your CRASH!
  • HEALHTY ALTERNATIVE - When we created Zenergy our goal was to come up with a solution to the mid-day crash and give our customers sustainable energy all day. Stop letting the day get away from you and start taking Zenergy today!
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Product Description

Iron Brothers Zenergy Smooth Energy 

L-Theanine - is considered a nootropic amino acid. It has been shown to improve attention and mood when combined with the proper amount of caffeine.

Caffeine - We use only natural caffeine from Arabica beans in our Zenergy smooth energy formula. L-Theanine can also be used to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Aside from these great benefitsit has been shown to improve reaction times and reduce feelings of tiredness and mental fatigue.

Complimentary Combination - L-Theanine works synergistically with caffeine to produce a smooth, jittery free energy to help boost you through those tough days or when you just need a general pick me up.

Clinically Studied - Several studies have shown that L-Theanine combined with caffeine improves attention, mental alertness and mood while users also experience a decrease in feelings of anxiety. Users will feel the full effects of L-Theanine with the first 2 weeks of use.

Numerous Benefits - The benefits of L-Theanine are becoming popular with professional athletes competing in high stress, performance-based sports for these exact reasons. Also gaining traction from students who find it very helpful for studying for midterms or finals. Supplementing with L-Theanine before any mentally demanding job/task can support concentration levels and improve memory as well as learning potential.

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Ingredients: Caffeine, L-Theanine