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Nitrogen and oxygen: the two key components in this potent combination could be the secret to your muscular success.

What Does Nitric Oxide Do? 

Nitric oxide is a gas that occurs naturally in the body. Its core purpose is to relay messages between cells by increasing blood flow. It’s responsible for delivering key nutrients to your muscles and other parts of the body so that you have all the right fuel to crush your workout.

Nitric oxide supplements create more nitric oxide in the body than you can produce alone to help speed up its effects during a workout. But supplements don’t actually contain nitric oxide. Rather, they’re made up of L-Arginine, an amino acid that causes your body to produce higher levels of NO.

Why You Should Add a Nitric Oxide Supplement to Your Regimen 

The benefits of a nitric oxide supplements are many:

For starters, the increased NO in your body can help supply the muscles with the right nutrients and lead to faster recovery times. This means you can hit the gym running again sooner than recovering solo.  Also, NO can help supply your body with enough oxygen to keep you from running out of steam early on in your workout.

Most importantly, NO supplements deliver amazing muscle pumps that feel great and last longer after a workout. You know the feeling… there’s nothing quite like it, and it motivates you to give it your all with every rep.

How to Incorporate a Nitric Oxide Supplement 

If you want to see how a nitric oxide supplement can perfect your performance in the gym, you’ll want to take advantage of our Iron Brothers Supplements’ NO2 Nitric Oxide. We source the highest possible ingredients to give you a clean, effective supplement.



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